Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sharifah Sofia Sexy Photos and Biography

Sharifah Sofia was born on July 28th 1985 in Liverpool, England and grew up there till she was 9 years old. She had later moved to Malaysia up till now. She has mixed parentage, her father is Malaysian and mother, Scottish. Sofia, as she is favoured to be called, is the 3rd child of 4.
People out there may see Sharifah Sofia as a wild and crazy person, but inside, she is deeply in love with mother nature. Sharifah Sofia tries her very best not to pollute the earth and bugs the life out of the people around her not to do so too. Sharifah Sofia believes that recycling and saving water is of the MAIN issues people should consider. Sharifah Sofia is an animal lover person. She is actively against hunting, eating exotic foods and hates when people talk about it and she’s trying the go vegan. Sharifah Sofia adores any creature that walks the land, swims the waters and flies the airs and tries hard not to be afraid of them. Reptiles, felines and pedigrees are her favourite but wishes so hard to have a pet snake, shark, panda, tiger and monkey
Currently Sharifah Sofia is on a break from her dear career to resume her education and is now in the School of Performing Arts & Media, Sunway College.
Sharifah Sofia started her career in the TV business at the age of 10, shooting her first ever commersial for ABC drinks, Indonesia. What kicked off Sofia’s career was her appearance in the well-known SitCom, Spanar Jaya in 2001, where she played Aisha, Pak Selamat and Misha’s cousin. Afterwards, Sofia was offered parts in various other Dramas, SitCom’s and Telemovies such as Skuad Elit, Kelas Malam, Kopi. Com, Sinderella and many more.
Finally, after acting not more than 4 years, Sharifah Sofia accepted an offer to act in her first feature film;GONG, featuring Faizal Yusup, Elyana, Jehan Miskin and Fasha Sandha. Shot 100% in Jogjakarta, Indonesia.


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